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Main Sewer Clogs: Causes, Warning Signs, & Replacement Options

In your entire home, every plumbing fixture, drain, and pipe is connected to the main sewer line, which is the biggest (and most important) piece of plumbing.

The main sewer line can suffer damage due to improper use of these fixtures, drains, and pipes, as well as many other outside factors. A clogged main sewer line (or even one that collapsed) can eventually require serious repairs or even replacement. You don’t need a headache due to this wear-and-tear!

Common causes of clogged sewer lines

Many homeowners have experienced clogged drains or slow-running sinks or bathtubs. Clogs are annoying, but they are often easy to fix.

How would you feel if all your drains backed up at the same time?

A sewer drain clog might be the cause. When drain clearing efforts fail, the entire sewer line must be repaired or replaced (or even a section of it). This can be determined by the following factors:

Pipes are severely damaged

In the event of a broken or ruptured sewer pipe, the sewage will be unable to drain properly, causing frequent and immediate backups. Some of the most common causes are:

  • Shifting soil, settling, or the use of heavy equipment above ground can lead to sewer pipe ruptures.
  • Corrosion in older pipes leads to the collapse of the pipe.
  • A joint that leaks water and sewage whenever the seals between sections of pipe have failed.

Sagging sewer lines

Sagging sewer lines occur over time, and the homeowner cannot control them. Due to ground or soil conditions, a section of this pipe sinks, resulting in the “bellied” shape.

Paper and waste are collected at the low point in the line, resulting in repeated blockages.

Debris flushed down the toilet

Knowing what you can and cannot flush down your toilet is crucial for the health of your plumbing system.

If you treat your toilet as a trashcan, you will experience sewer drain problems. You should only flush the toilet when you have human waste and toilet paper in it.

Warning Signs You Might Have a Sewer Line Issue

If you want to catch a sewer line issue before it gets out of hand, here are four warning signs you should look out for:

Drains or sewer lines keep clogging

You should stay away from liquid “drain cleaner” and call a professional to check out that clogged drain! It’s possible for a break or blockage in your sewer pipe to cause your drains to continuously clog, especially at the lowest level of your home.

Several fixtures are clogged

Toilets or showers keep clogging, but you’re not sure if the problem is a single pipe blockage or a sewer line issue. An obvious sign of a sewer line problem is when more than one plumbing fixture backs up at once.

Contact a Professional Plumber For Your Sewer Line Repair Needs

Regardless of the final decision you make, you will need a licensed, experienced, and professional plumber to complete the work. Our company has been serving the Houston area for several decades, and we consider our plumbers to be the best in the industry. With our guaranteed diagnosis and fast repair service, we can solve your sewer or drain problems in no time!

Contact us for drain cleaning in Houston or call (346)867-1165

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